Yournal source code released

As of January 2019, Android and iOS source code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.

Android iOS

Yournal is your journal

Yournal is a minimalist and cloud-based diary where you can write your life and read it comfortably from any mobile device connected to the Internet. Designed with simplicity in mind, focused on user experience and made for people of all ages.

  • Storage is limited by the current Firebase plan.
  • Simultaneous connections limited by the Firebase plan.

Google Play App Store

Cloud based

Your entries are backed-up securely in the cloud and synced in real-time across devices. Access to your notes from any phone.

Modern interface

Based on platform specific guidelines for a modern, elegant, beautiful, native and consistent look and feel across different platforms.

Easy to use

Only the features you need without thousands of confusing functions and buttons that you will never use. No learning required: just use.

Free with no ads

Yournal is free and always will be the same, just download and use. No hidden costs and no advertisement.